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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposia on the Physiology of Perennial Fruit Crops and Production Systems and Mechanisation, Precision Horticulture and Robotics

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Conveners   D.S. Tustin, B.M. van Hooijdonk, M.D. Whitting, J. McPhee, Q. Zhang 
Editors   D.S. Tustin, B.M. van Hooijdonk 
9 December 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-44-3 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   98 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Orchard natural capital supplying valuable ecosystem services (B.E. Clothier, S.R. Green, K. Müller, R.M. Gentile, K. Mason, I. Herath, A. Holmes)
Roadblocks to assessing climate impacts on temperate perennial fruit (R. Darbyshire, E.W.R. Barlow, L. Webb, I. Goodwin)
Effect of sustainable production systems on carbon and water footprint in fruit tree orchards (C. Xiloyannis, A. Fiore, A.N. Mininni, E. Xylogiannis, G. Montanaro, B. Dichio)
Effect of fruit load on the photosynthetic capacity and on the ecological light use efficiency of an apple orchard (D. Zanotelli, F. Scandellari, W. Bastos de Melo, P. Cassol, M. Tagliavini)
Soil carbon and nutrient services under Australian apple production systems (R.M. Gentile, R. Simpson, K. Mason, C. van den Dijssel, B.E. Clothier, M. Hardie, D. Cornwall)
An ecological multi-level theory of competition for resources used to analyse density-dependence effects in fruit production (M. Génard, F. Lescourret, Z. Dai, B. Quilot-Turion, M. Prudent)
Effects of climate change on fruit tree physiology - based on 55 years of meteorological and phenological data at Klein-Altendorf (A. Kunz, M.M. Blanke)
Variation in the flowering phenology of apple and pear in Australia (H.A. Parkes, O. Tabing, L. McClymont, J.D. Wilkie, M. Combret)
Impacts of climate change on accumulated chill units at selected fruit production sites in South Africa (P.C. Tharaga, A.S. Steyn, G.M. Coetzer)
Effect of elevated CO2 concentration on sugar accumulation and biomass allocation of Lycium barbarum (B. Cao, J.D. Hou, L.H. Song, J. Pan)
Photosynthetic responses of apple leaves to CO2 and temperature at pre- and postharvest growth stages (D.H. Greer, J.N. Wünsche)
Ten years of studies on systems to modify sweet cherry production environments: retractable roofs, high tunnels, and rain-shelters (G.A. Lang, L. Sage, T. Wilkinson)
Changes in locations suitable for satsuma mandarin and tankan cultivation due to global warming in Japan (T. Sugiura, D. Sakamoto, Y. Koshita, H. Sugiura, T. Asakura)
Quality of apple flowers grown in different latitudes (P. Francescatto, A.L. da Silva, J.L. Petri, M. Couto, G.B. Leite, J. Racsko)
A new product to induce apple bud break and flowering - Syncron® (J.L. Petri, G.B. Leite, M. Couto, P. Francescatto)
Winter hardiness of sour cherries influenced by cultivar and soil moisture treatment (D. Feldmane, S. Ruisa, E. Rubauskis, E. Kaufmane)
Ultrastructural changes arising from the pericarp cell of young apricot fruit under frost conditions (J.H. Zhang, Y.Z. Wang, H.Y. Sun, L. Yang, F.C. Jiang)
Identifying agrichemical alternatives to hydrogen cyanamide in 'Zesy002' ('Gold3') kiwifruit (G. Hernández, R.L. Craig)
Effects of alternatives to hydrogen cyanamide on commercial 'Hayward' kiwifruit production (G. Hernández, R.L. Craig)
Can light interception of intensive apple and pear orchard systems be increased with new approaches to tree design? (D.S. Tustin, B.M. van Hooijdonk)
Efficacy of a solid set canopy delivery system (SSCDS) in sweet cherry and apple (S.M. Niemann, M.D. Whiting, I. Hanrahan)
A step further – optimizing the natural apple tree habit with the Salsa tree training concept (P.É. Lauri, B. Hucbourg, M. Ramonguilhem, R. Joannin)
Parallel trident – an efficient planting system for pear orchards (F. Stănică, I. Cean, A.G. Peticilă)
Behaviour of some cherry cultivars under parallel Trident planting system (F. Stănică, A.C. Asănică, S.C. Grigore, O.M. Cârstea)
Comparison of Spanish and Australian carob orchards (J. Tous, H. Esbenshade)
A model system for off-season sweet cherry production in northern China (Q.J. Zhang, Y. Zhao, K.H. Yu, D.J. Gu)
From fruit anatomical features to fruit growth strategy: is there a relationship? (B. Morandi, L. Manfrini, M. Zibordi, L. Corelli-Grappadelli, P. Losciale)
Potential of QualiTree, a virtual fruit tree, to study the management of fruit quality under biotic and abiotic constraints (F. Lescourret, J.M. Mirás Avalos , E. Nicolás, G. Vercambre, P. Valsesia, J.J. Alarcón, M. Génard)
Dwarfing rootstocks and training systems affect initial growth, cropping and nutrition in 'Skeena' sweet cherry (D. Neilsen, G.H. Neilsen, T. Forge, G.A. Lang)
The costs of reproduction in plants: a novel approach to study irregular bearing of fruit crops (F. Normand, M. Capelli, P.-É. Lauri)
Modelling the effect of multi-year aphid infestation on fruit production in perennial trees (D. Bevacqua, M. Génard, F. Lescourret, I. Grechi)
Coffee harvest management by manipulation of coffee flowering with plant growth regulators (T.K. Matsumoto, J. Lopez)
Effects of GA and NAA application and fruit wrapping on yield and quality of java apple (Syzygium samarangense (Blum) Merrill & Perry) (S. Muchjajib, U. Muchjajib, M. Jumee)
Application of oxalic acid to sweet cherry trees improves yield, quality and phytochemical attributes at harvest (P.J. Zapata, S. Castillo, F. Guillén, M. Serrano, D. Martínez-Romero, J.M. Valverde, H.M. Díaz-Mula, D. Valero)
Effects of different flowering intensities and crop load of 'Opal' European plum on yield, fruit quality and return bloom (M. Meland, E. Vangdal, C. Kaiser)
The effects of reflective cloth and adjusted fruit distribution on apricot fruit quality (J. Stanley, R. Marshall, C. Scofield, P. Alspach)
Understanding the factors affecting within-tree variation in soluble solids concentration in peaches and nectarines (J. Lopresti, I. Goodwin, D. Stefanelli, P. Holford, B. McGlasson, J. Golding)
Pruning strategy affects fruit size, yield and biennial bearing of 'Gala' and 'Honeycrisp' apples (T.L. Robinson, L.I. Dominguez, F. Acosta)
Artificial spur extinction alters light interception by 'Royal Gala' apple trees (K.C. Breen, J.W. Palmer, D.S. Tustin, D.C. Close)
Artificial spur extinction to regulate crop load and fruit quality of 'Kalei' apple (O. Tabing, H.A. Parkes, S.G. Middleton, D.S. Tustin, K.C. Breen, B.M. van Hooijdonk)
Flowers to fruit; early fruit formation and late fruit quality in cherry (P.F. Measham, I.P. Cover, S.A. Bound)
Manipulating time of bud break, flowering and crop development of sweet cherry with the dormancy breaker Waiken® (S.A. Bound, P. Miller)
Leaf starch and nutrient responses to stem girdling and drought stress with respect to understanding HLB (greening) symptoms in citrus (G. Cimo, R. Lo Bianco, P. Gonzalez, W. Bandaranayake, E. Etxeberria, J.P. Syvertsen)
Effects of nursery shading on plant growth, chlorophyll content and PSII in 'Lane Late' navel orange seedlings (M. İncesu, T. Yeşiloğlu, B. Çimen, B. Yılmaz)
Optimal pruning of apple and effects on tree architecture, productivity, and fruit quality (J.B. Franzen, P.M. Hirst)
Standardization of pruning severity for healthy bud production in 'Kinnow' (C. nobilis × C. deliciosa) mother plants (H.S. Dhaliwal, A.K. Banke, L. Kumar, J.S. Brar)
Gradual release of PGRs by dispenser application to control suckers in 'Fuji Suprema' apple trees (G.A. Meyer, L. Rufato, J. De A. Talamini, M.E. Bueno, A. De R. Rufato, A.A. Kretzschmar)
Effects of fruit number on yield, fruit weight and soluble solids of peach (D. Whitfield, M. O¿Connell, I. Goodwin)
Demystifying carbohydrate allocation to storage in fruit trees (T.M. DeJong)
Leaf area development and dry matter production of newly grafted monoaxis and biaxis apple trees (B.M. van Hooijdonk, D.S. Tustin, M.J. Oliver, G.A. Dayatilake)
Carbon to nitrogen ratio in peach bark and incidence of bacterial canker (G.L. Reighard, W. Bridges, Jr., D.M. Glenn, N.A. Mayer)
Promotion of gold kiwifruit 'Haegeum' (Actinidia chinensis Planch.) maturity using plastic house cultivation (Younsup Cho, Hyesung Cho, Moonyoung Park, Eunsik Kim, Donggeun Lim, Byeongjoon Jung)
Fertilization and fruit setting in date palm: biological and technological challenges (Y. Cohen, F. Slavkovic, D. Birger, A. Greenberg, A. Sadowsky, M. Ish-Shalom, M. Benita, T. Ticuchinski, Y. Avnat, R. Kamenetsky)
Ecophysiological aspects and phenotypic plasticity in Eugenia stipitata during the production stage in four landscapes of the Colombian Amazon region (J.A Barrera, M.S. Hernández, A. Garcia, G. Vargas, D. Caicedo, O. Martínez, L.M. Melgarejo)
Phenology, sink/source relationship and environmental variability of E. stipitata in four landscapes of the Colombian Amazon region (J.A. Barrera, M.S. Hernández, A. Garcia, D. Guerrero, O. Martínez, L.M. Melgarejo)
Physiological behavior of three ethnovarieties of cocona (Solanum sessiliflorum Dunal) fruit grown in different Amazonic environments during development and ripening (J.E.C. Cardona, J.A. Barrera, M. Carrillo, M.S. Hernández, O. Martínez, L.E. Cuca-Suarez, J.P. Fernández-Trujillo)
Inhibition of ethylene in the presence of leaves in stage II persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) fruit under wounding treatment on a tree (N. Sun, A. Nakatsuka, H. Itamura)
Effect of Babylon weeping willow (Salix babylonica L.) extracts on rooting of stem cuttings of olive (Olea europaea L.) 'Nabali' (I. Al-Amad, M. Qrunfleh)
Biochemical and physiological response of passion fruit during the process of healing after two methods of grafting (W.H.S. Takata, M.C.S. Vieira, A.C. Macedo, G.P.P. Lima, E.O. Ono, N. Narita)
Rootstock effect on water consumption in pear 'Abbé Fetel' (P. Losciale, M. Zibordi, L. Manfrini, B. Morandi, E. Pierpaoli, L. Corelli-Grappadelli)
Root system architecture in reciprocal grafts of apple rootstock-scion combinations (N. Harrison, N. Barber-Perez, B. Pennington, E. Cascant-Lopez, P.J. Gregory)
Detection and localization of RF-PIN1, a gene encoding an auxin carrier protein, in different apple rootstocks (H.L. Li, H. Zhang, C. Yu, Z.H. Han)
Apple rootstock evaluation for apple replant disease (D. Kviklys, T.L. Robinson, G. Fazio)
Rooting of blueberry hardwood cuttings as affected by irrigation water pH and IBA (D.L.O. Fischer, G.W. Fernandes, E.A. Borges, C.F.B. Piana, M.S. Pasa)
Effects of seven rootstocks on the performance of Citrus medica L. ('Diamante') (F. Ferlito, B. Torrisi, G. Cicciarello, G. Russo, D. PietroPaolo, M. Allegra, F. Intrigliolo, G. Roccuzzo)
Effects of nine rootstocks on fruit yield and photosynthesis of 'Star Ruby' grapefruit (B. Çimen, T. Yeşiloğlu, M. İncesu, B. Yılmaz)
Effects of occurrence of scion root on the C/N ratio, flowering, fruit quality and yield of 'Shiranuhi' mandarin hybrid (Seok-Beom Kang, Young-Eel Moon, Yong-Ho Kim, Young-Hun Choi, Woo Jung Park)
Rootstocks for stone fruits in South Africa (P.J.C. Stassen)
Features of bud dormancy in citrus rootstocks and their mutually grafted seedlings (F. Takishita)
Comparison of promising dwarfing rootstocks for 'Fuyu' Japanese persimmon trees (H. Yakushiji, A. Azuma, H. Sugiura, A. Yamasaki, Y. Koshita)
Responses of young apple trees to soil water restriction: combining shoot morphology and leaf functioning over a range of genotypes (P.É. Lauri, P. Losciale, M. Zibordi, L. Manfrini, L. Corelli-Grappadelli, J.L. Regnard, E. Costes)
Effects of wetted soil volume on young pear trees (L. McClymont, I. Goodwin)
Precision nitrogen fertigation and irrigation management for improved apple quality (N.D. Swarts, M. Hardie, D.C. Close)
The effects of artificial spur extinction (ASE) on the water use efficiency of apple tree canopies (S.R. Green, I. Goodwin, D. Cornwall, D.S. Tustin, K.C. Breen, B.M. van Hooijdonk)
Soil solution nutrient monitoring as a guide to more efficient fertigation in commercial almond production (B. Scott, T. Vandenberg)
Effect of autumn water stress in combination with ethephon on flowering and yield of litchi, 'Mauritius', in a warm production area of South Africa (R.B. Cronje, I.M. Ratlapane, I.J. Froneman)
Influence of calcium and boron on fluorescence parameters in domestic plums (I. Grāvīte, E. Kaufmane)
Combined effect of restricted irrigation and potassium on yield and quality of apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) (M. Ben Mimoun, M. Marchand)
Nitrogen fertilization management and green pruning on the quality of peach fruits (M.A. Dolinski, F.L. Cuquel, L.L. May De Mio , A.C.V. Motta)
Uptake and accumulation of dry matter and mineral nutrients in different age trees of 'Nanguo' pear (Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim) (X. Liu, L. Chen, B. Wang, Y. Fan, Q. Chen)
Effect of irrigation in growth and fruit production in stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) in Chile (V. Loewe, C. Delard)
Autonomous intelligent system for fruit yield estimation (C. Hung, J.P. Underwood, J. Nieto, S. Sukkarieh)
Wide span – re-mechanising vegetable production (H.H. Pedersen, F.W. Oudshoorn, J.E. McPhee, W.C.T. Chamen)
Satellite remote sensing of vegetation cover and nitrogen status in almond (M. O¿Connell, D. Whitfield, M. Abuzar)
Field test of different end-effectors for robotic harvesting of sweet-pepper (J. Hemming, B.A.J. van Tuijl, W. Gauchel, E. Wais)
Remote sensing of N deficiencies in apple and pear orchards (E.M. Perry, M. Bluml, I. Goodwin, D. Cornwall, N.D. Swarts)
Automating mango crop yield estimation (A.B. Payne, K.B. Walsh, P.P. Subedi)
High resolution remote sensing, GIS and Google Earth for avocado fruit quality mapping and tree number auditing (A.J. Robson, J. Petty, D.C. Joyce, J.R. Marques, P.J. Hofman)
Evaluating the use of harvesting systems and worker platforms in the South African deciduous fruit industry (G.J. van der Merwe, K.I. Theron, W.P. Kotze, W.J. Steyn)
Influence of tree-adapted flower thinning on apple yield and fruit quality considering cultivars with different predisposition in fructification (M. Pflanz, R. Gebbers, M. Zude)
Validating the potential of precision technology in Queensland vegetable and strawberry production (I.A. Layden, J. O¿Halloran)
Tree centric localisation in almond orchards (J.P. Underwood, G. Jagbrant, J. Nieto, S. Sukkarieh)
Trunk localisation in trellis structured orchards (S. Bargoti, J.P. Underwood, J. Nieto, S. Sukkarieh)
The effect of mechanical bloom thinning with the Darwin 300TM, on the hand thinning time, yield, and fruit quality in 'Zephyr' nectarine (K.I. Theron, M.H.J. De Villiers, W.J. Steyn)
Blueberry packing line impact evaluation using a miniature instrumented sphere (R. Xu, C. Li, F. Takeda, G. Krewer)
Spray coverage in apple and cherry orchards using a solid set canopy delivery system (S.M. Niemann, M.D. Whiting)
Multi-robot coverage planning with resource constraints for horticulture applications (T. Patten, R. Fitch, S. Sukkarieh)
Vegetation management in wild blueberry production using spectral and guidance system technologies (D.C. Percival, G.L. Brown, T. Harrington)

ISBN-13: 9789462611443

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