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Chemical and cultural management of die back disease of mango in Pakistan

Authors:   M.T. Malik, M. Ammar, M. Ranan, A. Rehman, I.S.E. Bally
Keywords:   integrated control, Lasiodiplodio theobromae, Mangifera indica, progressive decline, soil amendment
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1111.52
Die back of mango is very destructive disease caused by Lasiodiplodia theobromae which is alarming mango growers of Pakistan with its characteristic symptoms as discoloration and darkening of twigs from tip to downward, withering, drying and defoliation. Investigations to effectively manage the disease using fungicides and other options were carried out in vitro as well as in experimental orchard of Mango Research Station Shujabad Multan, Pakistan during 2011-2012. The experimental fungicide treatments were Cobox (Copper oxychloride), Precure combi (Thiophanate methyl + dietheofenocarb) and Cabrio top (Pyraclostrobin + metiram) at four concentrations 25, 50, 75 and 100 ppm. Firstly, these chemicals were evaluated for their control of L. theobromae in vitro. Cobox (Copper oxychloride) and Precure combi (Thiophanate methyl + dietheofenocarb) showed significant reduction in colony diameter of L. theobromae at all concentrations compared to non-treated/control. Cabrio top (Pyraclostrobin + metiram) did not significant decrease the colony diameter of L. theobromae. In the field Precure combi (Thiophanate methyl + dietheofenocarb) and Cobox (Copper oxychloride) were also used as foliar, soil drenching in addition with soil amendment with silt, NPK & manure and pruning to manage the naturally affected mango plants with die back. It was found that maximum decrease in disease over control (72.92%) was noted where soil amendment and pruning was done with soil drenching of Cobox. This treatment may be included in the holistic disease management program against the die back of mango.

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